Your journey diary with « Travel Book by Air France »

Another 2.0 intiative in the world of travel is born. Its name : « Travel Book by Air France », a mobile application to create your journey diaries in pictures and to discover those of the other members of the community.

Travek Book by Air France

When preparing a trip to an unknown city or country, we might be lost with all the paper travel books which exist. Furthermore, at the 2.0 age, we look more for people original experiences made during their travel.

In this purpose Air France launched the « Travel Book by Air France » App for Iphone. It allows you to share pictures (which can be geolocalized) and so to create your journey diaries. You can then share them with your friends on Facebook or Twitter !

The App can also be seen as a good way to find great places to travel to ! Thanks to the geolocalization you can indeed discover places through photos of others.

Discover the App in video and « Get ready to spot the world » !

Do you have an Iphone ? Did you try the App ? Leave your comments under the post !

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