Workshops in the Air France crew training center

The afternoon of the 26th April of the Air France event was devoted to three workshops, all taking place in the crew training center. The occasion for FlyerTalkers to share with Air France managers their comments about flight experience and loyalty programms !

As I already told you in the previsous posts concerning this event, Air France wanted to bring us « behind the scenes » but the company also expected feedbacks from FlyerTalkers. This afternoon was then the perfect time to discuss in small groups with top managers.

The three workshops took place in the crew training center. Some flight attendants were even having a trainee when we were there. You can imagine a big room with a very high ceiling. The reason why the ceiling is quite high is that there is a real-size Airbus A380 model ! It’s actually there that flight attendants can make emergency evacuation with escape chutes.

Escape chutes on the A380 real-size model © Sophie Figenwald

Next to the A380 model was another aircraft model where fire simulations take place. Some flight attendants were having a trainee during the afternoon. Impressive !

On the other side of the « room », there was a cabin simulator (cabin configurated as in an Airbus A340 with 2-4-2 seasts) on jacks which move and reproduce flying conditions. One workshop took place there, it was a very special sensation. With a special sound and moving, we really had the impression to fly.

The cabin simulator © Sophie Figenwald

The first workshop : flight experience

The first workshop took place on the first floor of the A380 model which is a replica of a « Voyageur » cabin. It was devoted to flight experience, especially in short- and long-haul flights (as we saw in the Air France strategy plan announced yesterday, this segment is a priority for the airline). We discussed there with Air France managers in charge of improving the service quality and they noted everything that FlyerTalkers mentioned.

We talked about seats, meals… It was nice to see the implication of FlyerTalkers. They really have precised opinions and suggestions and I’m sure managers will take their comments into account.

The second workshop : in-flight tips

The second workshop was the one which took place in the cabin simulator. We’ve been warmly welcomed by a flight attendant and a pilot.

Entering the simulator ! © Sophie Figenwald

We really did as if we were really taking off. The flight attendant asked us to fasten our seat belts and the simulator then began to move. With the sound and the move, it’s really as if we were flying.

We discussed during this « flight » with both flight attendant and pilot who gave us tips to land after a long-haul flight without feeling too much the effects of having stayed in the air for several hours. For example, ladies, don’t hesitate to ask ice cubes to stewardesses to apply on your face before the landing to feel very fresh !

During a long-haul flight, we also tend to drink a lot not to dry out because of the air conditionning. The tip the Air France pilot gave us is to breathe in a tissue (or the night mask but put on your mouth and nose) so that you directly inhale the water you breathe out. Did you know this ? It might not be very elegant but in the night, who cares ? And it surely works very well !

Other questions were raised by FlyerTalkers, for example to the pilot : which is the airport you don’t like to land at ? The pilot couldn’t give us an answer, saying that the airport doesn’t matter. The only difficulties are when too many aircrafts want to land at the same time such as in New-York on the morning. He also cited St Marteen of course with its special conditions with the low-pass over a beach.

And to conclude the discussion, the flight attendant was asked « how do you all do, Air France stewardesses to be so beautiful and elegant ? »  and the answer was : « it’s due to the uniform ! » 😉

The third workshop : FlyingBlue, Air France loyalty Programm

We were here on the second floor of the A380 model with a replica of Air France business cabin. Loyalty programms are one of the favorite subjects of FlyerTalkers. They have a lot of cards as they travel a lot and know specificites of each programm, how to use miles acquired… Most of them even have so much miles that they don’t know what to do with them ! No need to say more, they were the right people for Air France to ask if they’re satisfied or not with FlyingBlue. Here again, their comments were taken into account.

We also talked about the Air France American Express card which now gives less advantages. Managers explained us that this is because Air France wants to refocus on the reward of people who fly which is quite understandable even if people having the card could have felt disadvantaged.

On this day, FlyingBlue website was also launched. Don’t hesitate to have a look at it here :


This was the end of the first day by Air France ! Hope you enjoyed it ! Next post to be published next week : the participation to the preparation of Boeing 777-300ER flight AF012 CDG-JFK on the tarmac !

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